Livingston Form 2A Permit to be “ready for [COGCC] Director Approval by June 1” according to the State

The COGCC stated in a May 25 email to the City:

“The Interchange A&B Pad, the Northwest A Pad and the Northwest B Pad are planned to go before the Commission no sooner than the July 30 and 31, 2018 Hearing. The other Form 2As (United Pad and Livingstone A & B Pad) will not be heard by the Commission. The Livingston Pad and United Form 2As will be reviewed by staff and the decision to approve will be made by the Director. It is anticipated that the Livingston Form 2A will be ready for Director approval by June 1st.”

This response from the State was received on May 25 by Broomfield Director of Strategic Initiatives Tami Yellico. Ms. Yellico had forwarded a few questions from Jean Lim (author) to the State to get definitive answers.  The Form 2A Permit is the Location Assessment Permit that pertains to surface issues for a pad.

All of the Extraction Pads listed in the above statement from the COGCC are sited in Broomfield County. The Interchange and Northwest Pads were granted a July hearing due to the October request of Adams County officials related to those pads being sited in close proximity to their residents. 

The Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP) has not yet been approved by the City Staff but will begin Council review on June 12. The Oct. 24 Operator Agreement (MOU) between Extraction and the City requires that the City approve Extraction’s Comprehensive Plan before Extraction can begin drilling.

The State has not allowed all of the Best Management Practices (BMPs) contained in the Operator Agreement to be attached to the permits.  In a May 24 reply to this author, Ms. Yellico stated, “We have provided COGCC with three rounds of comments.  They appear to have addressed all of the comments that they are willing to address at this point.”  Ms. Yellico forwarded the objections of some Broomfield residents to the COGCC, and they can be found here.  The latest redline of the BMPs by the City can be found here.