Local Organizations Express Extreme Disappointment to the City After CDP Approval

In an August 21 letter to the City on the day after City Manager Charles Ozaki approved the Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP), ten local organizations stated that they were “extremely disappointed that the substantive efforts of countless residents and groups were dismissed or only partially addressed” as “idle industry threats have outweighed these concerns despite the language and mandates of the Operator Agreement, City Charter and updated Comprehensive Plan.”

The letter states that, “This is all most distressing given that Extraction’s current economic status and safety record, including fires, explosions, leaks, and its blatant disregard of our local burrowing owl habitat. This does not bode well in terms of Extraction following the Operator Agreement and CDP, and calls into question CCOB’s ability to adequately monitor and enforce this large-scale and complex industrial project that is now set to affect multiple CCOB neighborhoods.”

The same ten local organizations wrote a letter to the City on August 13 asking for the City to deny CDP approval.  On August 17 a legal opinion was sent to the City that it cannot approve a non-Final CDP.  Finally, a petition with over 1000 signatures gathered in 24 hours was also sent to the City before Monday’s approval.

Local groups signing the letter included the following:

  • 301 Health and Safety First
  • ACCDAN – Adams County Communities for Drilling Accountability Now
  • AROGEG – Anthem Ranch Oil and Gas Education Group
  • BCAW – Broomfield Clean Air and Water
  • BCCN – Broomfield Concerned a Coalition of Neighborhoods
  • Broomfield Moms Active Community
  • FRRESH – Front Range Residents for Environment, Safety, and Health
  • LOGIC – League of Oil and Gas Impacted Coloradans
  • One Broomfield Indivisible
  • WOGc – Wildgrass Oil and Gas Committee

Please read the entire letter submitted to the City on August 21 here.