May 30 Council Meeting Includes Study Session on Regulations and Executive Session for Legal Advice

On Wednesday, May 30, Council will hold an extra meeting day to focus entirely on oil and gas issues.  This meeting will be in two parts:

–  At 5 p.m., Council will meet in Executive Session “for legal advice and to direct negotiators regarding Extraction’s Operator Agreement and Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP), mineral interests within Broomfield, and oil and gas regulations, including proposed regulations.”

– Beginning at 6 p.m., Council will meet in a Study Session to thoroughly review the proposed oil and gas regulations. This special review was requested during the May 8 Council Meeting when the first reading of the regulations in Ordinance No. 2067 passed by a vote of 6-3.

In the summary provided by Staff for the review of the regulations, it states that “regulations have been further revised to include additional recommendations of the Oil and Gas Comprehensive Plan Committee.”  These revisions are detailed on p. 5-6 and include the following additions, among others, which have been requested repeatedly by Broomfield citizens:

  • Added setback and buffer requirement to Section 17-54-090
  • Added additional noise mitigation requirements to Section 17-54-090
  • Included list of banned chemicals to Section 17-54-090

Prior to the May 30 Study Session, residents should email questions or comments to their Council Members after reviewing the regulations document.  The summary states that the Staff has met with the 301 Broomfield Health and Safety First Group several times, but some residents may have further questions if this charter amendment is being fully implemented.  Residents are invited to listen to Council’s May 30 review of the regulations either in person in Council Chambers, on Channel 8, or through the City Website.  However, no resident comments will be taken during the study session as usual practice.

The Executive Session comes at a crucial time when the COGCC has told the City that “the Livingston Form 2A will be ready for Director approval by June 1st.”  The Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP) has not yet been approved by the City Staff but will begin Council review on June 12. The Oct. 24 Operator Agreement (MOU) between Extraction and the City requires that the City approve Extraction’s Comprehensive Plan before Extraction can begin drilling.