“New Operator Agreement Would End Erie Odor Ordinance Lawsuit” Daily Camera

By Anthony Hahn, Daily Camera 10/25/18

Thank you to Anthony Hahn for his 10/25 Daily Camera article “New operator agreement would end Erie odor ordinance lawsuit.”  Area residents will definitely appreciate that his article unpacks some of the complexities of oil and gas operations in residential neighborhoods, especially those that border different municipalities.

Broomfield Concerned is concerned about the impact of these operations on all area residents, not just those within Broomfield, and has developed relationships with many area grassroots neighborhood organizations.

Broomfield and others citizens who have concerns about Erie’s proposed operator agreement with Crestone, including increasing the number of wells on the Acme Pad to 30 wells, are encouraged to send comments to erieoilandgas@erieco.gov before Tuesday when Erie’s Board of Trustees meets in Executive Session.

According to an update yesterday afternoon on the Erie website, the 10/27 Town Hall is now only open to pre-registered Erie residents.  Broomfield Concerned had updated our earlier blog to reflect that. Broomfield residents should email their comments to erieoilandgas@erieco.gov

Please read the entire Daily Camera article by using this link.  http://www.dailycamera.com/erie-news/ci_32231063/new-operator-agreement-would-end-erie-odor-ordinance