No Major Oil and Gas Items on July 24 Council Agenda but CDP Talks Resumed

On the July 24 Council agenda, there are no major items related to the oil and gas regulations or the Comprehensive Drilling Plan.  However, discussions between the City and Extraction have resumed as of July 10.  According to the City’s July 16 Oil and Gas Update posted on the City’s Oil and Gas Webpage, “Staff met with Extraction on July 10th to discuss their work in completing the CDP.”

Before Tuesday’s regular meeting, City Council will meet in Executive Session at 5:00 pm to discuss oil and gas legal issues. The regular meeting will start at 6:00 pm and per the agenda will include discussion of:

1) A Resolution Creating an Environmental Stewardship Advisory Task Force

2) A Resolution Authorizing and Approving Construction of the Sheridan Parkway and Lowell Boulevard Intersection Turn Lanes

Estimated cost: $895,851. Construction could start as early as August 2018, and take 85 days.

Looking ahead, it was determined at the July 17 Study Session that three amendments to the newly adopted oil and gas regulations would go forward for a first reading and vote at the August 14 Council Meeting.

The proposed amendments included:

1) A procedure for residents to report nuisance complaints about oil and gas developments

2) A standing agenda item for Council to determine if a State COGCC hearing should be requested on both spacing unit applications and drilling permits (Forms 2 and 2A)

3) An increase to 1,320 foot setbacks for new surface developments from existing oil and gas wells

You can email your comments to Council before the August 14 Council Meeting at

A summary of the July 17 meeting is available here.