Northwest A and B Pad Sound Walls Being Installed

The City and County of Broomfield announced that Extraction would begin sound wall installation on the Northwest A & B Pads on around August 5 and it would last about 2 weeks.

Northwest A & B Pad sites are located south of the Northwest Parkway, East of Sheridan Parkway, and North of 156th Ave, as shown in the map below. The locations are on Broomfield Nordstrom Open Space, and there will be 8 wells drilled on Northwest A and 8 wells drilled on Northwest B.

Nordstrom Open Space was already damaged by Extraction’s access road which was used by Extraction’s trucks to construct, drill and now frack the Interchange B Pad. There is a municipal court case pending for Extraction’s violation of Municipal Code in plowing over the tops of prairie dog burrows used by burrowing owls on 8/6/18. The court case was scheduled to be heard on 8/1/19 in Broomfield Municipal Court but it was continued at Extraction’s request to 9/24/19.

Extraction Timeline