Official Statement on Passage of Broomfield Ballot Question 301 From Yes on 301

Broomfield, COLO. — November 8, 2017

“Last night, Broomfield residents sent a resounding message that the health and safety of residents comes first; that the health and safety of the people should not be second to or balanced with the development of oil and gas, but paramount to it. It is clear Broomfield residents want city council to use every tool possible to protect public health and safety when it comes to oil and gas and they are willing to give the council and its staff new tools through citizen-led initiatives.

We may see citizen-led initiatives like 301 become the model for other municipalities as they address suburban fracking. Our greater hope would be that the city, state and regulatory bodies take Broomfield’s lead to update their regulations to address the new realities of fracking–including the greater size and scale of today’s proposed operations and their proximity to suburban neighborhood–and work in a way that always prioritizes the health and safety of Coloradoans.

Dozens of local residents worked hard to introduce 301 to their neighbors, to walk neighborhoods and engage in the dialogue–and their grassroots efforts were met with appreciation and gratitude and a powerful showing at the ballot box. We are elated that the people of Broomfield won, despite hundreds of thousands of dollars from outside oil and gas groups–and we are hopeful that the clear passing of 301 gives hope to citizens across Colorado who face the same disruption and threats to health and safety from oil and gas development in their communities.”

Judy Kelly

Co-Chair, Yes on 301

The proposed charter amendment reads as follows:

With regard to oil and gas development near the City’s populated areas and within the City’s boundaries, such powers shall include but not be limited to plenary authority to regulate all aspects of oil and gas development, including land use and all necessary police powers.  As such, Broomfield shall condition oil and gas development permits to require oil and gas development to only occur in a manner that does not adversely impact the health, safety, and welfare of Broomfield’s residents in their workplaces, their homes, their schools, and public parks in order to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare and to safeguard the environment and wildlife resources.