Oil and Gas Items Continue at August 28 Council Meeting

After an extremely disappointing week during which the Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP) and Northwest A, Northwest B and Interchange A & B drilling permits were approved, oil and gas items of significance will continue to be reviewed by City Council at its August 28 meeting.   You can find the agenda here, including Item 11m covering the proposed contract for the Air Quality Testing Program near the six Extraction pads.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. in the George Di Ciero City and County Building and lists the following items related to oil and gas development:

1) Citizen Comments – Since there is nothing related to the CDP on the agenda, citizens should state their concerns about the CDP during this item near the beginning of the meeting.

2) Consent Agenda Item 7f Resetting Public Hearing for Second Reading of Ordinance 2069, Amending Section 1-12-020 of the Broomfield Municipal Code to Increase the Amount of Potential Fine for Any Act that is Prohibited or Declared to be Unlawful by the Broomfield Municipal Code

There will be no public comment on this item if it stays on the Consent Agenda.  The City forgot to schedule a second reading on this fine increase for code violations which passed on first reading on June 12.  The vote is just to reschedule the second reading of this ordinance which would impact fines for oil and gas operator violations.

3) Consent Agenda Item 7i Request for Executive Session For Legal Advice and Direction to Negotiators Regarding Civil Action

The Broomfield Way lawsuit will be the subject of the likely Executive Session held after the public Council Meeting.

4) Council Business Item 11m Resolution No. 2018-150 Authorizing an Agreement with Ajax Analytics for Air Quality Testing

Here is a brief outline of the 72-page document:

pp. 1-6 Overview

Cost – “The cost proposed in the agreement is $1,179,775 for the initial set up and first year term expiring December 31, 2019. If annually renewed by the City and County manager, or designee thereof, the cost for initial set up and monitoring for four years shall not exceed $2,339,324. It is proposed that revenues from oil and gas activities be used to fund the program.”

“A suspension clause has been added to allow for a temporary freezing of the term if drilling has not begun as scheduled.”

pp. 7-15 Proposed contract

p. 19 Map of air quality monitoring sites 

p. 21 Public information portal

pp. 22 -23 Communication schedule, which includes attendance at public informational meetings held by HOAs

p. 23 Deployment plan

pp. 30 – 61 Ajax Analytics and CSU Proposal June 25, 2018

pp. 62 – 64 Certificate of Liability Insurance for Ajax Analytics

pp. 65 – 72 Resolution No. 2018-153 ​Approving the Fourth Budget Amendment to the City and County of Broomfield 2018 Budget