Oil & gas plug site forced to shut down after violation is found near elementary school – Denver 7 Nov. 10

By Oscar Contreras  Denver 7  Nov. 10

“An oil and gas plug site was forced to temporarily shut down its operations after the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) found it violated safety practices near an elementary school in the Town of Erie.

The order to cease operations at Crestone Peak Resources LLC came after an investigation of an odor complaint on September 12, according to the Notice of Alleged Violation Report (NOAV) from the COGCC obtained by Denver7.

The report states COGCC staff inspected the Vessels Minerals ‘E’-61 location — which houses a well plugging operation — and observed venting from open top tanks on the west side of the location, approximately 25 yards from the playground of Aspen Ridge Preparatory School, as well as ‘the absence of temporary walls on the west side of the location, children playing in the playground and watching the rig crew’s operation, and volatile organic compounds (“VOCs”) visibly drifting toward the children in the playground.’”

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According to the Erie website, the Erie Board of Trustees will meet on Tuesday, Nov. 14 at 6:30 pm in the Board Room at 645 Holbrook Street.  You can find further information here.  There is nothing included in the published agenda about the violations, but Public Comments can be made after the Consent Agenda items.


Further information can be found in The Daily Camera coverage at:

“State cites Crestone in plugging of well near Erie elementary: Aspen Ridge Preparatory School had been unaware of violations” By John Bear  Nov. 11

According to the article in The Daily Camera, the school’s executive director just notified the parents of this violation via email on this Saturday 11/11 as soon as they were told about it, although this notification didn’t come from the COGCC or Crestone.

Also, “Erie Trustee Geoff Deakin said in an email that while he appreciates that Crestone addressed the problem within 24 hours of notice, he hardly calls it an example of the system working perfectly.
‘COGCC arrived to investigate an odor complaint and, apparently coincidentally, found serious violation impacting the health, safety and security of children 25 feet away,’ Deakin said.
‘Am I really expected to believe that this negligence just happened to start that morning as the cavalry happened to be riding in?'”
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Also, in a further update from Denver 7:  “State acknowledges miscommunication over oil and gas venting near Erie school.”  Nov. 13

“The state acknowledges communication could have been better in letting parents of children at Aspen Ridge Preparatory School know that hazardous gases were wafting toward the school from a nearby oil and gas well.”

Read the rest of the story and watch the video here.


“The Erie Protectors are holding a rally demanding action from state oil and gas officials at 6 p.m. on Thursday night in front of the school at 705 Austin Ave,” according to this 11/15 Longmont Times-Call article by Amelia Arvesen and Anthony Hahn.

“Crestone protests violation notice for venting well near Erie school: Release of volatile organic compounds near Erie playground dealt with adequately, company says”
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