“Plan would keep oil and gas developments farther from playgrounds, athletic fields” – FoxDenver31 News

By Matt Mauro, 12/6/18

Thanks to Broomfield residents Camia Lowman and Heidi Henkel for speaking of their concerns for the health and safety of schoolchildren near oil and gas development. Please follow this link to hear their comments on current school setback rulemaking to require that oil and gas be setback at least 1,000 feet from the property line of schools and childcare facilities:

“Ultimately what this comes down to is protecting the health and safety of our kids. And just doing what’s right,” Heidi Henkel, who’s concerned about oil and gas development near her daughter’s school in Broomfield.”

“Henkel and other parents like the greater distance, but would like to see it be 2,500 feet, the same distance that voters rejected in November with Proposition 112.”

“’I don’t think anyone would want to have an oil well right next to their kids playground,’ said Camia Lowman, as her two daughters played at an elementary school in Broomfield.”

“Lowman, like other parents, is concerned about some of the reported health effects of oil and gas operations.”

To make comments on the proposed school setback rulemaking or sign up to speak at the Dec. 17 hearing, please follow the instructions in our blog by tomorrow, Dec. 7 at 5 pm.

Plan would keep oil and gas developments farther from playgrounds, athletic fields