Regulation Amendments to be Considered at July 17 Study Session

In quick succession to the passage of Broomfield’s new oil and gas regulations, City Council will consider three proposed amendments and one new requirement at the July 17 Study Session.  In order to pass the regulations on July 10, there was a compromise reached to hold a first reading of these amendments at the August 14 Council Meeting.

The amendments are item B.4 on the Study Session Agenda.  We are unable to provide a precise time for this item but please note that there are three Concept Review items prior to it on the agenda.  The meeting begins at 6 pm at the George DiCicero City and County Building in Council Chambers.  You can also email Council with your comments ahead of time at

The proposed amendments include:

1) A procedure for residents to report nuisance complaints about oil and gas developments

2) A standard request from the City to the COGCC for a public hearing on relevant Form 2A and Form 2 drilling permits

3) An increase to 1,320 foot setbacks for new surface developments from existing oil and gas wells

The proposed new requirement to be discussed is for a property seller to notify buyers of nearby oil and gas development.

If the amendments are deemed of interest to Council, they would be brought back to City Council for first reading on August 14.

Regarding the amendment for nuisance complaints, two options are listed for Council discussion.  Option A leaves it up to each City department to development its own hearing procedure and Option B begins to outline a procedure that would be used by all departments.

Option A and Option B are also given for the COGCC public hearing request amendment, with Option A providing Staff with the direction to request a public hearing on every State permit and Option B requiring a standing agenda item for Council to determine if a COGCC hearing should be requested.  The agenda document notes that there is a very short COGCC time frame to request a hearing which might make Option A preferable.

Amendments #1 and #2 are supported by 301 Broomfield Health and Safety First.  Council Member Kreeger brought these amendments forward at the July 10 Meeting.

The increased setbacks for new construction were recommended by the Legal Subcommittee of the Oil and Gas Task Force.  They would require an update to the Municipal Code.  Council Member Castriotta proposed this amendment at the July 10 meeting.