Residents Report Rank Smell Near Interchange Pad and Throughout Nearby Housing

Late on August 21, residents living near the Interchange Pad are reporting rank petroleum smells in the area, causing them to close windows and stay inside. This is occurring just days after Broomfield announced the completions phase would begin at the Interchange B Pad, but there is no warning in the announcement that strong noxious odors would occur.

The announcement states, “The next step of the completions phase of operations for these 10 wells includes using a coiled tubing unit to mill out the plugs that were set inside the production casing during the hydraulic fracturing process. Subsequently, a workover rig will be on location following the mill out activities to install production tubing inside the production casing. Flowback operations will occur following the installation of the production tubing.”

“Estimated Schedule: Coiled tubing will begin the week of August 19, 2019. Operations will be underway for approximately 4-5 weeks. Additionally after coiled tubing is finished, the workover rig will be on location approximately 4-5 weeks to install production tubing.”

Please see the entire announcement here.

Please use the resources here to register your complaints with Broomfield, COGCC and CDPHE.