Seismic Testing For Erie Acme Pad Mid-February through Mid-March

The Town of Erie announced that Crestone Peak Resources will be conducting a 3D seismic survey for the Acme Pad from mid-February to mid-March.  Oil and gas developers do seismic testing when they don’t know if there is oil in an area or want more information about the formation so that they drill in the best place or direction.

The Acme Pad was approved by Erie in November in the Operator Agreement with Crestone and will greatly impact Anthem Ranch, Anthem Highlands, and Erie residents who live near its location at the corner of Highway 7 and Bonanza Drive.  The schools in close proximity are Prospect Ridge and Thunder Vista.

According to the announcement, Seismic Acquisition Services, LLC will be conducting the tests for Crestone mostly from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. when “the environmental requirements and weather conditions permit.”  The company will distribute door hangers 24-72 hours in advance in the areas where trucks will be operating.  They are also required to get a written permit from a property owner to conduct tests on private property.

The Town of Erie included a link to FAQs and a video on seismic testing from Crestone.  According to the video, “vibrations created are minimal,” “truck routes are set back from houses and buildings,” and they “use lower energy levels in residential and high occupancy areas.”  You can watch the video here to see more about the process.

However, according to a March 2013 Denver Post article titled “Seismic surveying rattles Colorado homeowners,” when the 30 ton trucks thumped the ground near a Weld County home, the homeowner claimed that it caused “cracked walls and wrecked a water well.”  The article states that “Colorado has no rules for when and how seismic surveys can be done” and “remedies for damages are left to courts.”

Erie Thriving, a subsidiary of Residents Rights, has filed a lawsuit against the Town of Erie in “response to the Town of Erie’s approval of an Operator Agreement that includes the Acme Project, a 30 well pad allowing oil and gas drilling little more than 500 feet from homes, and next to the flight path of an airport, gas station, and several highly populated communities in both Erie and Broomfield.”

The City of Broomfield has filed comments on the pending Crestone Acme permits at the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), as directed by Council on November 27, 2018.  They focus on traffic, air quality, emergency response and spill prevention.