Spudding Rig Gone From Livingston and Sheridan Repair Begins Monday

Odor Complaints Continue

The spudding rig left the Livingston Pad on the morning of Saturday, June 15 after completing initial drilling of 16 wells there over eleven days.  The horizon across from Lena Lane on the edge of Anthem Ranch temporarily only shows the 30-foot sound wall.  The 100-ft drill rig will not be brought onto the pad until repairs are completed to Sheridan Boulevard due to the heave caused by Extraction on November 28.  The 100-ft drill rig is expected to be on the pad for about 20 weeks.

On Saturday evening, June 15 at about 7:35 pm, a resident close to the Interchange Pad reported strong chemical odors.  This lasted about ten minutes until the winds shifted, which was long enough to cause a sore throat that was “still on fire” a half hour after the smell had dissipated. 

According to the City, Sheridan heave work will begin on June 17 and will continue at least through June 28.  The announcement of the road repair from the City states:

“During the construction repair process, the area to be repaired will be closed. However, two way east and westbound traffic will be maintained at all times. Westbound [sic, should be Eastbound] Sheridan Parkway traffic will be shifted slightly to the south to accomplish movement of westbound traffic. Lighted traffic control devices will be used as we anticipate 24 hour a day activity to complete the work. Various traffic control devices will be utilized (variable message boards, cones, warning signs, and reduced speed limits) in order to maintain a safe construction zone.”

“The conditions on the permit approved by Broomfield are as follows:

● Because of the impacts to repair Sheridan Parkway, no traffic will be allowed access to the Livingston site off of Sheridan Parkway

● There will be no class 7 and above vehicles allowed to enter the Livingston site, during the heave repair.

● Access to the Livingston site will be allowed to class 6 and below vehicles at the Lowell Boulevard access. Access will be limited to a right-in-right-out only at this location.

● No left turns will be allowed on Lowell Boulevard in or out of the Livingston site.

● All class 4 and above vehicles are not allowed to access the Livingston site during the peak hours of 7-9 am and 3-6 pm

● To ensure the safety of emergency response teams, construction workers and the general public, Broomfield reserves the right to modify or direct changes to traffic patterns and traffic control device”

If you have traffic violations and odor issues to report, please file your complaint with the City at https://www.broomfield.org/2842/File-a-Complaint