Start of Construction Updates: Livingston Wall on May 17 and Northwest A & B Pad May 15

Broomfield announced the following Extraction activities will begin next week:

  • Livingston Sound Wall Installation will begin around May 17 near the corner of Sheridan and Lowell.
  • Northwest A & B Pad construction will begin around May 15 in the Davis/Nordstrom Open Space.
  • Nordstrom 2-4 legacy well on the NE corner of Sheridan and 160th will be removed starting May 13.

The City announced that Extraction would be mailing Broomfield residents a notice about the Livingston Sound Wall Installation.  However, the announcement did not qualify if only residents within certain distances would receive them.  There are approximately 7,000 homes within two miles of the Livingston Pad.  The notice also states that wall construction will take place Monday through Saturday during daylight hours over approximately two weeks. 

Extraction has also given the City 30 day notice of the start of drilling on the Livingston Pad, which would begin on or after June 3.  In the case of Wildgrass Oil and Gas Committee (WOGc) v. COGCC, Judge Jackson’s current order states that Extraction cannot begin drilling on the Livingston Pad before June 1.

The start of construction of the Northwest A & Northwest B pads in the Davis/Nordstrom Open Space follows access road construction which already tore up the open space.  The announcement states that work will continue into June from 7 am – 7 pm, Monday through Friday.

The Operator Agreement and COGCC permits allow 19 wells to be drilled on the Livingston Pad, 8 wells on Northwest A Pad, and 8 wells on Northwest B Pad as part of the 84 well pad Extraction project in Broomfield.

There will be a workover rig near the northeast corner of Sheridan and 160th as Extraction crews remove a legacy well, Nordstrom 2-4, as part of the Operator Agreement.  Extraction expects that work to last about two weeks.