“State finds issue at Extraction drill site near Erie, notifies health dept. for ‘air quality matter'”- Denver 7

By Jennifer Kovaleski, Denver 7 News

Thank you, Candace Spicer, for taking the video of Friday’s visible plume from the Extraction Coyote Trail Pad near Vista Ridge! And kudos to Denver 7’s Jennifer Kovaleski for attempting to hold the COGCC and Extraction accountable for the emission and air quality problem!

The COGCC inspector stated that there was “an issue with the emission control device” but that they believed that the venting was not going on any longer.  They also stated that generally an operator has some leeway in venting.

In Extraction’s response to Denver 7, they contradicted the COGCC report in stating, “As is often the case when dealing with extremist groups, this one seems to be misrepresenting the facts. We believe the infrared footage in question shows a heat signature from combustors working as designed. These are not VOCs or other emissions as is alleged by these groups.”

Candace Spicer is not an extremist but a concerned resident of the area who wisely added, “It is a huge health and safety concern. I have two young girls. It shouldn’t be me as a nearby homeowner or bystander going to the grocery store catching that. I think it should be our state.”

Erie Town Trustee Christiaan van Woudenberg also commented on an Earthworks video from the same day in the report.

You can watch the video and read the text here: