Thank You for Citizen Comments on COGCC Permits; Additional Permits Posted on March 2

A tremendous thank you to all the Broomfield and Adams County residents who posted comments on the Livingston and Interchange Pad COGCC drilling permits before the March 1 deadline.  There is no indication that there was a change in their COGCC status on March 2, as could have been possible for the Livingston Pad.

Given all of the difficulties with the submission of comments, you might want to look for your own comments and see the magnitude of concerns that other residents and the City shared.  There are 153 comments posted on the Livingston Form 2A PDF that are dated through March 1.  Similarly, there are 58 comments on the Interchange Form 2A PDF dated through March 1.  You can access the Livingston Form 2A PDF here and the Interchange Form 2A PDF here.

Please follow this link to the COGCC webpage to access the comments for the Form 2 comments or a handful of comments listed on the actual webpage (not PDF) for the Form 2As.

Also, it was noted on the evening of March 2 that there were 4 additional Form 2 permits newly  posted for the Interchange B Pad.  It had been noted previously by some residents that the number of Form 2s for each pad did not match the total number of wells for each pad.  So, there are now 4 new Form 2s listed for Interchange B Pad.  At the bottom of the PDF for each newly listed Form 2, it lists the COGCC Staff comment:   Permit, Passed Completeness 3/2/18.

The COGCC confirmed on 3/3 that the comment period for the 4 new Form 2 permits for 4 more wells on the Interchange B has begun effective 3/2 and extends through March 22nd. The City has requested a 10 day extension to April 1. Form 2s have to do primarily with the downhole issues associated with individual wells, including safety concerns.

You can follow this link to submit comments on the new Interchange B Pad Form 2s