Traffic Risks: Sheridan Boulevard Finally Being Repaired at Same Time as Livingston Wall Construction Set to Begin

On page 3 of the May 14 Oil and Gas Update, it lists two upcoming Extraction activities near the Livingston Pad.  At the same time that 32 foot sound wall construction is set to begin on Livingston “on or around May 17,” Sheridan Boulevard is finally being repaired “on or after May 20” from the November 28 heaving accident when Extraction drilled under it. 

So just at the time that there will be increased truck traffic with sound wall construction on the Livingston Pad, traffic at Lowell and Sheridan is going to have a major disruption from Sheridan repair that has been delayed for over 4 months.  In the January 22 Oil and Gas Update, it stated that, “Work on the heave will be subject to weather conditions and Council will be updated when the work is completed.”  Sheridan Boulevard sat without repair until now, while from February 15 – April 12 Extraction was able to complete the Davis/Northwest Open Space Access Road.  

The approved truck routes and normal Sheridan traffic will both be disrupted. The May 14 Oil and Gas Update states,

“All large truck traffic into the Livingston Pad from the Sheridan Boulevard will be temporarily halted during this work, and the Livingston Pad exit onto Lowell Boulevard will be used as an entrance and exit for pickup truck traffic until the Sheridan road repairs are complete.” 

“During the construction repair process, the area to be repaired will be closed. However, two way east and westbound traffic will be maintained at all times. Westbound Sheridan Parkway traffic will be shifted slightly to the south to accomplish movement of westbound traffic. Lighted traffic control devices will be used as we anticipate 24 hour a day activity to complete the work. Various traffic control devices will be utilized (variable message boards, cones, warning signs, and reduced speed limits) in order to maintain a safe construction zone.”

There are 7000 homes within two miles of the Livingston Pad. One resident (the author) wrote to ask if the City had considered telling Extraction that it cannot put up the Livingston sound walls until Sheridan Boulevard is fixed since the road repair confusion along with increased truck traffic will be hazardous to public safety. The HAZID developed under the City’s contract with DNV GL states that increased traffic accidents due to truck traffic are the highest safety risk.  In the City’s 2/19 preface to the HAZID, it states that, “Observations and recommendations of DNV-GL focus on adherence to standards, formal management systems, minimizing traffic accidents, and reducing potential for well blowouts.”

If you have any concerns about this traffic risk, you can write Council at and the Staff at  If you have traffic violations and issues to report, please file your complaint with the City at