Two Projects Impacting Broomfield Move Forward to Drilling Permits

During the second day of the July COGCC Hearings, the Commissioners voted to approve spacing unit applications that will impact northern Broomfield.
The area in purple on the map is 8 North LLC’s spacing unit application for the area just northwest of Anthem Ranch.  Despite the protest of Boulder County over misuse of their open space and air quality impact, the Commissioners approved 20 wells for the Extraction subsidiary by a vote of 8 -1. There was an agreement reached and included in a finding in the permit involving a specific surface location preferred by Boulder and Lafayette that puts the pad about one half mile north of Highway 7 along E County Line Road. There was also discussion of the possibility of allowing Boulder County to have standing to bring their health and safety concerns to the Form 2 and 2A hearings, but that was yet to be determined by COGCC Staff.
Broomfield protested the area in blue which is Crestone’s spacing unit application for the Gottl Pad in the northeast corner of Broomfield. In a unanimous vote by the commissioners, 32 wells were approved in that spacing unit on 2 pads, one sited in Weld County and one in Broomfield County. Broomfield Special Counsel Phil Barber objected to the health and safety impacts of the pad on Broomfield residents by stating that the Martinez Court of Appeals ruling was current law in Colorado. The commissioners were also not persuaded by objections raised that Crestone had not properly submitted their spacing unit applications for multiple wells or efficiently sized the unit to drain the minerals.