Upcoming Erie Board of Trustees Meeting on 11/4/2018 Highlights Crestone Peak Operator Agreement Presentation and Q&A with Citizens

On Sunday 11/4/2018 at 2:00 pm, the town of Erie will have Board of Trustees meeting that highlights a “Crestone Peak Operator Agreement Presentation,” Q&A with citizens, and “A Resolution Of The Board Of Trustees Of The Town Of Erie Approving An Amended And Restated Operator Agreement With Crestone Peak Resources LLC.” The meeting will be at the Erie Town Hall at 645 Holbrook St. in Erie. Local residents are wondering if there are efforts under way to reverse the decision made by the board on 10/31/2018 to reject the amended operator agreement for the ACME pad. If passed, this agreement would have increased the number of wells on the Acme Pad at the corner of Highway 7 and Bonanza Drive from 16 to 30 wells, greatly impacting the surrounding residents of Erie, Anthem Ranch and Anthem Highlands. In play were many citizen comments by impacted Erie residents who presented their concerns regarding the Operator Agreement in addition to residents and representatives from Broomfield. A citizen petition opposing the expansion with 491 signatures was also presented to the Mayor.


Concerned residents should attend this meeting and participate in the citizens’ comments portion of the agenda. Broomfield neighborhoods will likely be impacted by this development, most notably the Anthem Highlands and Anthem Ranch neighborhoods across the street from the development. Some houses in Anthem Ranch, a popular 55-and-over active community, are as close as 1366 feet from the proposed mega-well pad development.


It should be noted that at the October 31 meeting, Jason Oates from Crestone spoke to their plans if the Agreement were to be rejected by the board by saying that if the Operator Agreement was rejected, Crestone would file COGCC permits on November 1 for both the Vessels and Acme Pads under the previous Operator Agreement that had fewer Best Management Practices (BMPs).  It’s unclear if Crestone intends to deliver on their threats.