Update on CDP Approval: Community Groups Send Letter, Hundreds of Emails Sent and Reports That Approval is Postponed

UPDATE August 3: The City has not posted any website information that the CDP approval has been postponed but the Broomfield Enterprise is reporting that they received an email confirmation from CCOB Attorney Sullivan about the postponement. “We are looking to schedule a special meeting at some point soon, but haven’t finalized the date and time,” City and County Attorney Shaun Sullivan said in an email.” Please see Jennifer Rios’ Broomfield Enterprise article here.

On Thursday morning, August 2, several community groups from Broomfield and Adams County requested in a letter to the City that the CDP not be approved by the City Manager on August 2, as planned according to the City’s July 31 Status Update.  The joint community group letter stated that “the CDP remains in breach of contract and the City should escalate this breach and move forward in a way that is protective of public health, safety, and welfare, and the environment.”

The letter lists “just a few highlights of the remaining issues with this document [CDP]” including many problems with the risk analysis.  Please read the entire letter here.

The groups signing the letter included Broomfield Health and Safety First, Together Against Neighborhood Drilling, Broomfield Moms Active Community, Wildgrass Oil and Gas Committee, One Broomfield Indivisible, ACCDAN (Adams County Communities for Drilling Accountability Now), LOGIC (League of Oil and Gas Impacted Coloradans) and Broomfield Concerned.

As of Thursday afternoon, there are reports that the City has decided to postpone the approval of the CDP due to hundreds of emails being received in protest of approval by the City. When there is a written source from the City for that information, we will post it.