Waking Up to Petroleum Odors on Mother’s Day Near the Interchange Pad

Happy Mother’s Day!  Residents near the Interchange B Pad at 156th and Huron woke up to a heavy petroleum odor beginning at 8:40 am this morning which spread throughout the neighborhood and permeated the area for 30 to 45 minutes.  The City had written that Extraction would be drilling the 5th well on Interchange this weekend, after having already received numerous complaints about petroleum odor since drilling began on April 20. 

This morning a neighborhood leader received numerous texts from many area residents complaining of the odor and respiratory issues caused by the odor.  They were encouraged to file complaints to the City, COGCC and Extraction as others have done, but many of them do not have the technological skills to file online complaints or are afraid of backlash. 

When Extraction held a neighborhood open house for those living near the Interchange B pad, they were told that they wouldn’t smell anything, according to those who attended.  These residents have been filing odor complaints for several weeks and Broomfield Director of Special Initiatives Tami Yellico had responded, “Drilling operations are not ‘odor free’ as the operator is using drilling mud that contains hydrocarbons and there are drill cuttings that are managed onsite before being transported for disposal at an approved offsite location.”  These residents replied that they were never previously told by the City that they would be smelling odors.  

Extraction will be drilling 10 wells on Interchange B before temporarily halting operations there to begin drilling 19 wells on Livingston.  Over 7000 homes within two miles of Livingston may be impacted by these odors and not able to open their windows this summer if the City continues to state that they can do nothing further about them.  Last week the City relayed Extraction’s announcement that spudding and then drilling will begin on the Livingston Pad on June 6. 

If you would like to support the current residents living near the Interchange B Pad in their odor complaints, you can:

1) Attend the Special Meeting of City Council on Tuesday, May 14 at 5 p.m which will discuss many oil and gas issues, including a moratorium on permits.  http://broomfieldconcerned.org/take-action/consider-attending-special-council-meeting-for-moratorium-and-spacing-application-near-anthem/

2)  Write Council at council@broomfieldcitycouncil.org and the Staff at oilandgas@broomfield.org

3) If you have odor problems near oil and gas drilling to report, please file your complaints by using the resources here http://broomfieldconcerned.org/register-your-concerns/

UPDATE: Broomfield Assistant Director of Special Initiatives personally investigated the complaints this morning at 9 am, about 20 minutes after the first complaint, and 11 am, about 90 minutes after a second complaint. She interviewed 2 residents who stated that they did not smell any odors while they were outside this morning. She stated, “As with previous complaints, it is difficult to determine what is transpiring without being able to observe the odor. Broomfield Oil and Gas Division staff and the Construction Inspection supervisor are in the field daily. The former is out on Saturdays as well. In addition, we are in contact with Extraction several times a day to discuss various topics, including these complaints. Additionally, the air quality monitoring stations do not indicate elevated VOCs or other air pollutants in the area.”

Residents state that they are aware of at least 7 of their neighbors who smelled the strong petroleum odor.