Welcome to the New Year: Broomfield Residents Attend Council Meeting to Request Update on Outstanding Oil and Gas Issues

Fourteen Broomfield residents started the New Year at Council during January 8 Public Comments by “requesting an update on a number of items related to oil and gas development in Broomfield.”  Speaker Jennifer Dulles referred to “similar challenges” that were unfortunately continuing from the previous year.  Most of the speakers referred to a six-page letter that was submitted to Council and Staff on Monday, January 7 by 301 Broomfield Health and Safety First (BHSF), with input from Broomfield Concerned, Wildgrass Oil and Gas Committee and other members of the community.  The letter requests that, “Given the number of inquiries and their importance, we believe it would be most productive and would appreciate it if we could meet with Tami Yellico, Laura Davis, and Shaun Sullivan to discuss” the unresolved oil and gas issues.

Speakers included John Varn (Anthem Ranch), Jennifer Dulles (Broadlands), Laurie Anderson (Anthem Highlands), Candice Spicer (Anthem Highlands), Camia Lowman (Broadlands), Pat Talbot (Anthem Ranch), Andy Kramer (Anthem Ranch), Neil Allaire (First Filing), Lizzie Lario (Wildgrass), Becky Early (Redleaf), a former resident of Anthem Highlands, Cristen Logan (Anthem Highlands), Vince Miller (Anthem Ranch) and John Dulles (McKay Landing).

You can read the entire six-page BHSF letter to Council here.  It contains detailed questions for Staff and Council on the following outstanding oil and gas questions:

  • Project Risk Analysis
  • Pipeline Risk Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Residential Trailers and Commuting Workers
  • Silica/Sand
  • Wetlands Protection
  • Borrowing Owl Investigation
  • Traffic Routes/Truck Usage
  • Robust Inspection Program
  • Compliance and Method of Enforcement
  • Complaint Process
  • Spacing Units
  • Financial Viability
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Reverse Setbacks
  • Health Impact Study

Council Member Shelton interrupted the Public Comments after the fifth speaker to state that Council had received the letter and the speakers did not need to read it.  Council Member Castriotta stated that she would like to hear the speakers and the Mayor interjected that there should be no more side comments as the speakers were addressing the Mayor.  Neil Allaire began his comments by stating that he was going to read from the letter to make the information accessible to the public.

Anthem Ranch residents pointed to some specific concerns of their community.  John Varn stated that Anthem Ranch may need a dirt road as an alternate escape route.  Andy Kramer had experienced the congestion and danger on Lowell caused by trucks making left turns into the Livingston Pad which were not allowed.  Vince Miller pointed to the buckling of Sheridan during Extraction’s installation of a pipeline as raising the question, “Why do we think that Extraction can be successful in drilling 80 wells if they can’t put in a pipeline?”  Pat Talbot asked the Staff to explain why they contracted with DNV-GL to do a Hazard Identification study instead of a true Risk Analysis as required by the CDP.

A former resident of Anthem Highlands stated that she had sold her home due to oil and gas development and that there were others doing so quietly.  She reminded Council that “quiet is not approval” and that the majority of Broomfield residents voted for Ballot Question 301 and Proposition 112 (2500 setbacks).  Cristen Logan cited continued lack of representation on Council and reminded Council that “this is an election year and jobs are on the line.”  John Dulles expressed hope that Broomfield officials would collaborate with newly elected State officials to move forward on oil and gas issues.

Council moved on to Council Business while the speakers left in the hopes of securing a meeting with the Staff to get answers to questions.  Later in the evening, there was a scheduled Executive Session on Resident Rights and WildEarth Guardians v. City of Broomfield.