What Can I Do About Fracking in Broomfield?

“What can I do about fracking in Broomfield?”  In response to this question from many Broomfield residents, Broomfield Concerned held an educational forum on May 18 featuring a variety of speakers representing different viewpoints on how Broomfield families can take a stand and make a difference.  In the introductory remarks by Co-Chairs Jennifer Dulles and Jean Lim, they thanked the Broomfield Auditorium crowd for attending on a stormy Friday evening and encouraged them to engage with the efforts that best addressed their concerns.  They clarified that Broomfield Concerned was a non-profit and was not endorsing any particular effort nor taking any stances on political candidates or initiatives.

Six knowledgeable speakers generously gave their time to share their insights as to how residents could make an impact related to oil and gas developments in residential neighborhoods.  All of their presentations can be viewed on the live video here.  The presenters included (name, group representing, title of presentation, approximate time marker for their presentation):

Mike Foote, Colorado House of Representatives, “What Just Happened at the Statehouse?”  8:20

Heidi Henkel, Colorado Rising, “The Ballot Initiative for 2,500 Setbacks”  24:30

Kevin Kreeger, Broomfield City Council, “The Fight Here in Broomfield”  43:00

Dan Leftwich, Attorney, “The Martinez Case and What It Means”  1:18:20

Laurie Anderson, Broomfield Health and Safety First Committee, & Sara Loflin, League of Oil and Gas Impacted Coloradans, “Broomfield Voted Yes on 301”  2:09:00

The presenters invited everyone to contact them to further discuss any ideas and spoke individually with attendees afterwards.  Broomfield residents were also invited to ask questions and get further information at the tables in the lobby both before and after the event.