Wildgrass Oil and Gas Committee Continues to Challenge Extraction Project

Wildgrass Oil and Gas Committee (WOGc) continues to challenge the 84 well Extraction Oil and Gas project as mineral owners in the Lowell South spacing unit of the Livingston Pad (see pink area on the map below).  Within the past two weeks, WOGc has filed a protest of Extraction’s forced pooling order hearing and responded to the COGCC’s motion to dismiss the WOGc health and safety lawsuit.

The forced pooling hearing was originally on the COGCC docket for the October 29 and 30 hearings.  However, on October 12 without explanation, Extraction requested in writing to the COGCC that the hearing be continued until the December 17 and 18 hearings.  WOGc then asked the COGCC hearing officer to allow WOGc to postpone the submission of its forced pooling protest but that request was denied by the COGCC hearing officer.  WOGc was forced to file its protest on October 15 well in advance of the December 17 and 18 hearings and that protest will be available to Extraction.

WOGc collected affidavit statements from many mineral owners to support its forced pooling protest.  975 mineral owners in Wildgrass, Silverleaf and Broadlands will be force pooled by Extraction Oil and Gas in December, according to Extraction’s August 31 application to the COGCC.   Beginning on September 26, notices began to arrive in these mineral owners’ mailboxes that the hearing would be on the October 29 and 30 COGCC docket.  Unleased mineral owners who are the subjects of a forced pooling application by an operator are entitled to a hearing at least 60 days after receiving a reasonable offer to lease.  Extraction sent incomplete lease offers to some unleased mineral owners on June 24 and August 27.

In other action by WOGc, the premise of the WOGc health and safety lawsuit is that the COGCC failed to take into account health, safety, environment, and economic issues with the massive residential drilling project planned by Extraction Oil and Gas in Broomfield.  It was originally filed by WOGc on July 6 and was amended on August 16.  On behalf of the COGCC, Attorney General Cynthia Coffman filed a motion on August 30 in Denver District Court to dismiss the lawsuit.  WOGc recently filed a response and the judge has an indefinite period to rule on the matter.

Affected Coloradans Together (“ACT”), a Colorado non-profit organization, is accepting donations to help fund the health and safety lawsuit and forced pooling protest along with other efforts protecting Colorado residents who are negatively affected by residential oil and gas development. If anyone is interested in donating, WOGc would ask that checks be made out to ACT and mailed to ACT, 5023 W. 120th Ave., #336, Broomfield CO 80020.