Wildgrass Oil and Gas Committee Returns on March 26 to Federal Court

Wildgrass Oil and Gas Committee (WOGc) will return to federal court on March 26 at 9 a.m. for a status conference in Judge R. Brooke Jackson’s courtroom.  During the February 12 hearing on the motion for a temporary restraining order (TRO) in Wildgrass Oil and Gas Committee’s forced pooling Constitutional lawsuit against the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), Judge Jackson had set the return date to allow for the TRO to be reconsidered if WOGc felt that its concerns about health, safety, welfare and financial viability of Extraction were not satisfactory addressed at the March 12 COGCC forced pooling protest hearing.

This court event will likely be short with no evidence presented.  Everyone is still welcome to attend, so please see the details below if you are interested.  On March 26, Judge Jackson may schedule a later hearing for the Temporary Restraining Order.  Beyond that, the preliminary injunction hearing and case itself lie ahead. 

All of the other Extraction spacing units will be facing forced pooling shortly, with United South and Huron South (Interchange Pad) both on the COGCC April 29 & 30 docket and Sheridan South likely on the June 17 & 18 docket.  Any interested unleased mineral owners in these areas who would like to understand their options can contact WOGc at wildgrassogc@gmail.com. The spacing unit map shows rough estimations of the areas.  Huron South spacing unit boundaries are: East of Huron, West of Washington, North of 136, South of NW Parkway.  The United South spacing unit includes Adams County residents along with Quail Hill in Westminster.  Sheridan South spacing unit includes McKay Landing residents.

Here are the details for the return to federal court: 

WHERE: Alfred A. Arraj Courthouse, 901 19th Street, Denver 80294, Courtroom A902 

WHEN:  Tuesday, March 26 at 9 a.m. 

YOU MUST BRING: State Identification 

DO NOT BRING:  No liquids, No recording devices (can bring phones but not record), No weapons or weapon-like instruments (airport standards). 

Parking:  From the Courthouse webpage:  “There are several parking lots located near the courthouse, including lots at 20th & Champa, and a parking structure at 19th & Curtis Street.”