Crestone Spills Produced Water at Broomfield Oil and Gas Site

A report released by the City and County of Broomfield notes the following:

On July 16, 2020, the City and County of Broomfield (Broomfield) received
notification that approximately 2 barrels of produced water was released from the produced water storage tank at Crestone Peak Resources (Crestone) Alaux/Sears Facility located just east of I-25, west of County Road 11, south of County Road 6 and north of County Road 4.”

The report states that the spill occurred while Crestone was pressure testing a produced water tank, and the tank failed the test. The tank will need to be removed and the soil will be remediated by Crestone. They will also need to submit a form 27 remediation workplace to the COGCC for review before proceeding with the clean-up operation.

Produced water can contain high levels of salt as well as “varying amounts of oil residues, sand or mud, naturally occurring radioactive materials, chemicals from frac fluids, bacteria, and dissolved organic compounds,” according to the American Geosciences Institute.

Broomfield continues to rely on residents to report concerns in their report:

“We encourage residents to report concerns to the City and County of Broomfield’s Immediate Concern line at or 720.887.3130.”