Governor Jared Polis “Not Able to Help Us” with Noise Impacts, and Broomfield Emergency Noise Ordinance Coming Forward on Jan 14

If you are a Broomfield Resident who continues to experience noise-related impacts because of oil and gas development near your home, please continue reporting noise impacts to the CCOB and to the COGCC.

At the Jan. 7 Council Meeting, Mayor Pro Tem Castriotta reported that Gov. Polis and his Staff stated that they are “not able to help us” with relief from the fracking noise impacts in Wildgrass, Anthem Highlands, Anthem Ranch, and other surrounding communities. (Watch the meeting here.) Mayor Quinn reported that City and County of Broomfield (CCOB) Attorney Sullivan will be drafting an emergency noise ordinance which will be brought forward to Council on Jan. 14. Council Member Laurie Anderson and Council Member Jean Lim continue to be involved on a daily basis in many aspects of these noise impacts. It is essential that EVERY resident continue to report excessive noise every time that residents are impacted by it.

Regarding the Jan. 7 meeting at the Governor’s office, CCOB Manager Hoffman wanted “to make it clear to the residents that the conversation with the Governor’s Office indicates that we continue to be subject to the Operator Agreement” and that they are “willing for communities to push the envelope on Senate Bill 181.” In that line, CCOB will bring forth the emergency noise ordinance at the Jan. 14 Council Meeting.

At the Jan. 7 meeting with Governor Polis, CCOB requested the following:

“1. Reduced Operating Hours to 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.
2. Rapid Response Team consisting of CCOB, COGCC and Operator
3. Collaboration, Access and Data Sharing between CCOB, COGCC and Operator
4. Support for additional resources for CDPHE and COGCC”

Other information that was presented included:

  1. Summary of Data – number of complaints in 2019; expenses incurred by CCOB in 2018, 2019, and anticipated in 2020 which will total $5,776,826 over 3 years
  2. Complaint Summary Map   

If you feel moved to contact Governor Jared Polis directly, you can share comments through a form on the Governor’s website.