Attend City Council Study Session on Oil and Gas Tues, Dec. 19

Tues, Dec. 19
Council Study Session Begins at 6 p.m. (with start time for Oil and Gas Study Session segment later, following Concept Reviews)
City Council Chambers, 1 DesCombes Drive

The City has scheduled an Oil and Gas Study Session as part of the Council Study Session on Tuesday, December 19, at 6:00 PM at 1 DesCombes Drive, to discuss progress and priorities in implementing the Comprehensive Plan Oil and Gas update, participation in state rule-making efforts, Ballot Question 301, and the latest regarding Extraction Oil and Gas’ proposed activities. We hope you can attend. The new City Council will be briefed and this is a good time for you to be updated as well!

You can find the agenda for the entire Council Study Session here

You can find the “Update on Oil and Gas Issues” here

The 213-page “Update on Oil and Gas Issues” includes
– a one page summary statement
– 7 pages of related information, ending in a “Next Steps” section which requests feedback to Staff from Council
– the City’s request for flowline rulemaking
– a list of potential areas for additional state rulemaking
– plans to enhance the City’s inspection program
– an “Oil and Gas Chapter Matrix” in attachment 3 which includes action items from the Oil and Gas chapter, current requirements and future steps
– possible application for a State designation of the Commons as a protected area from drilling
– a statement that Extraction plans to file its drilling permits (Form 2 and 2A) with the State (COGCC) in Jan 2018 with possible hearings in March
– a request for a Council Executive Session on Dec. 19 to discuss the Crestone spacing unit application and lawsuit against the City, the COGCC and Extraction over an area in northeast Broomfield
-other supporting documentation