Attend Council on February 20 to Impact Critical Decisions on Oil and Gas

Please attend a special City Council meeting on Tuesday, February 20 so that Council votes in line with citizens’ concerns!  What time should I be there, you reasonably ask, as you juggle multiple responsibilities?  We are unable to provide a precise time but assume it will be between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm.  The location is the George Di Ciero City and County Building in Council Chambers.

At the February 20 meeting, there will most likely be a vote to decide if the City will take action to stop the State COGCC from administratively approving Extraction’s Livingston Pad drilling permits after the February 24 deadline for permit comments.  We need you there to make sure that Council knows that the citizens do not want Extraction’s drilling plans to be allowed to go forward until there is a thoroughly reviewed Comprehensive Drilling Plan, in compliance with the October 24 MOU between Extraction and the City.  This addition to the February 20 meeting was called as a result of the 800 signatures gathered for the citizen letter presented at the February 13 Council meeting.

Due to the urgency of this matter, there is a special agenda in order to hold an executive session for Council to get legal advice preceding any vote.  The format of Tuesday’s entire meeting is:

– Study Session:  4 Concept Reviews.

– Special Meeting:  To request Executive Session for Oil and Gas.

– Executive Session.

– Study Session: 3 Parts: City Council’s 2018 Priorities, City Improvements to Internet, Legislative Update (includes 4 Oil and Gas items).

– Reconvene Special Meeting (if needed to vote, which is likely).

We have asked for clarification from the City but do not know at this time if there will be citizen comments before any vote in this irregular format.  Your presence will make an impact regardless!

In a related matter, Extraction’s February 15 CDP revisions and their cover letter are now posted on the Broomfield Oil and Gas page.  If you wish to review them before the Tuesday meeting, you will see that Extraction wrote this:

“As discussed in our February 7, 2018 meeting, we agree with Broomfield’s assertion that the CDP submittal was complete and satisfactorily prepared in accordance with the provisions laid out in our Operator Agreement.”

We have already received a clarification from the City that the City “reiterated to Extraction, in writing today, that Broomfield has not approved the Comprehensive Plan.”

Here are links to the recently posted Extraction documents and letters, as posted on the City website: