Stop By to Ask Questions at the City Air Quality Testing Program Open House Wed, Oct 24 Anytime from 5 pm – 6:30 pm

What:    Broomfield Air Quality Testing Program Open House

Where:  Lobby of City and County Building

When:   Wednesday, October 24 anytime from 5 pm – 6:30 pm

Why:     Ask the City previously unanswered questions about how the results will be available to the public and emergency response actions/enforcement at the planned Extraction sites.

Please stop by to ask questions of City Staff and contractors from Colorado State University’s Department of Atmospheric Science and Ajax Analytics.  Listed below are some outstanding questions that you might want to ask.

According to the City’s announcement, “Attendees can learn more about how air quality testing will be conducted, what tools and sensors will be used and how results will be accessible to the public.”  Broomfield stated in its announcement that its usage of the air quality data will include the following:

  • “Information supporting emergency response actions”
  • “Follow-up information to respond to citizen complaints and concerns”
  • “Information supporting follow-up inspections”
  • “Data and trend analysis to support health decision and possible regulatory and statutory changes”

The City also announced more specifics regarding the baseline sampling by CSU and Ajax Analytics.  They have placed four whole air samplers to collect weekly time-integrated air samples in the following locations:  two near pads (unspecified at this time), one near Anthem Ranch, and one near Broomfield Commons Fields.  The map of the entire schematic for air quality monitoring can be found here.

Here are some outstanding questions that you might want to ask:

1) Will the public have full, immediate access to the data?

2) If we see smoke (as happened in Erie) or flames, what are the plans to immediately respond and measure air quality?

3) Will there be real-time monitoring that can lead to shut down of operations?

4) How quickly can the company be required to cease operations if an issue is found?

5) Will there be emergency drills conducted in neighborhoods? In schools?

6) How long will the monitoring and testing be done?

7) What are the plans to do monitoring and testing during reworking of wells in the future?

8) What type of monitoring will be done for pipeline leaks?

9) What type of monitoring will be done for operations on the ACME Pad?

All of your questions are important about this 84 well Extraction development.  Please take a minute to stop by to ask them.