Attend Tuesday May 28 Council Meeting to Support Moratorium

At the Tuesday, May 28 Council Meeting, there will be a public hearing and Council vote for the second reading of Ordinance No. 2091, “a moratorium on processing new and pending applications for use by special reviews or operator agreements for oil and gas developments to allow Broomfield to amend its oil and gas regulations to account for new regulatory authority granted to local governments by SB 19-181.”  Please consider attending this meeting to register your support or you can write to Council here

The moratorium ordinance is Item 11a on the Council agenda here.  Citizens should plan on speaking regarding the moratorium when Item 11a is heard, not during general public comments at the beginning of the meeting.

On the first reading of Ordinance No. 2091, Council unanimously voted to impose a temporary moratorium on processing or approving applications for oil and gas development of oil and gas facilities in Broomfield in order to amend Broomfield’s oil and gas regulations from 7/10/18 after passage of SB19-181 Protect Public Welfare Oil and Gas Operations. SB19-181 gave local governments greater power to protect public health and safety by regulating oil and gas industry operations in their jurisdictions.

Also on the agenda, Council will go into Executive Session at 5 pm regarding “Extraction Oil and Gas.”  There will be an Oil and Gas Update during Item 13 Manager’s Report and you can read the report here.  Some of the highlights include:

–  “Extraction is still waiting on a bid for the heave work [on Sheridan Boulevard] and the estimated start date is the middle to the end of June. Staff will continue to monitor the scheduling of the work and apply appropriate traffic requirements.”  In response to the City’s “staging” request on May 13 to eliminate dual construction traffic risks with the construction on the Livingston Pad, Extraction had told the Staff that they would begin work on Sheridan on May 28.

– There were 29 odor complaints for the Interchange B Pad filed from May 1 to May 22.

– The first 10 wells of the Interchange B Pad will be completed by approximately 6/6/19.

– Drilling on the Livingston Pad will not start prior to June 3 and the 19 wells will take approximately 22 months (according to a notice sent to residents within a ½ mile of the pad).

– Construction on the Northwest A & B Pads began on 5/22/19.

– Extraction estimates that pipelines will be tested in August 2019 and be in use in October 2019.

– Broomfield has contracted to install 3 noise monitoring stations, which should have been completed the week of May 20.

– There was no updated timeline from Extraction included beyond the May 2 timeline.

– There was nothing included about the BC Deep Holdings spacing application 190600405 which would impact Anthem.  It was discussed at the May 14 Council Meeting and is reported to have been withdrawn.