Bring Your Concerns About Oil and Gas Regulations to the May 8 Council Meeting

It’s a lot to ask busy Broomfield residents to once again set aside Tuesday night responsibilities and activities, but after two years of oil and gas proposals Broomfield residents know how essential it is to make their concerns known.  Please attend the Tuesday, May 8 City Council meeting for the first reading and vote on the City’s oil and gas regulations to be added to the Municipal Code.

The regulations are item 11d on the Agenda.  We are unable to provide a precise time for item 11d but assume it will be between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm.  The location is the George Di Ciero City and County Building in Council Chambers.

In an unusual sequence, Council is first meeting at 5 pm for Executive Sessions regarding Open Meetings Laws and  Legal Advice and Direction to Negotiators Regarding Oil and Gas Matters.  The main body of the meeting will start as usual at 6 pm.

Item 11d Oil and Gas Regulations includes:

  • Chart Comparing Oil and Gas Regulations with Task Force Legal Committee Recommendations (pp. 8-77)
  • Attachment 2 from the 301 Committee (pp. 78-81) and Attachment 3 from the Law Office of Matthew Sura (pp. 82-83).  They focus on enforcement, operator track record and decisive language.
  • Attachment 4 from the Colorado Oil & Gas Association (pp. 84-134). COGA stated that, “Portions of the proposed changes conflict with State regulations, and likely are operationally preempted either facially or on an as-applied basis.”  They included a redlined copy of the regulations with comments.

If this first reading is adopted, a public hearing and second reading of the proposed ordinance will be scheduled on May 22, 2018.

You can also still sign the Broomfield Health and Safety First petition to “request that the City of Broomfield uphold Charter Amendment 301 to ensure oil and gas development that does not adversely impact the health, safety, and welfare of Broomfield’s residents.”  At the April 24 meeting, Laurie Anderson of Broomfield 301 Health and Safety First presented the petition with 566 signatures.

As always, you can email any of your concerns to Council by using the email list here.