July 10 Council Meeting Agenda: Regulations, Air Quality Plan and NO CDP

Please plan to attend the July 10 City Council meeting to express your concerns on critical items related to oil and gas development.  In addition to the following important items, it is noteworthy that the Comprehensive Drilling Plan is NOT on the agenda:  

1)    Item 11a: Ordinance No. 2067 Amending Certain Sections of the Broomfield Municipal Code Concerning Broomfield Oil and Gas Regulations – Second Reading  

2)    Item 11d: Update on Air Quality Request for Proposals, Soil Gas Testing on Plugged and Abandoned Wells, and the CDPHE Mobile Air Quality Unit Project  


A public hearing and possible vote on the City’s proposed new Oil and Gas Regulations will be held.  The latest version to be reviewed can be found here.  The regulations passed the first reading at the May 8 Council Meeting and were also discussed at the May 31 Study Session.  On June 12, the public hearing was continued until July 10. 

Attachment 3 contains a redline document for the regulation changes on pages 130-170. Previously citizens expressed concerns about additional soil testing around abandoned wells, citizen standing for COGCC hearingsfinancial assurance from operators, setbacks, adding the language of Ballot Question 301, and nuisance hearings.  Please check the revised regulations to see if your concerns are addressed.    

There is a note on pages 5 -6 that requests by some Council members to increase setbacks of new construction from existing wells have not been implemented in the regulations yet but may still be added during the second reading at Council’s request.  See further details on those pages if you would like to write or speak in support of that. 


Item 11d will discuss the combined proposal of Colorado State University (CSU) and Ajax Analytics that the RFP committee recommended to City Council for consideration and a contract.  It will also discuss the process and cost of soil gas testing around plugged and abandoned well sites in Broomfield. 


On July 6, the City sent Extraction a ten page letter listing 46 items that Extraction still needs to address in the latest May 11 version of the CDP.  At the June 26 Meeting, the City had addressed over 40 unresolved issues with the Comprehensive Drilling Plan and citizens identified many more.  Please see the video of the citizen presentation here.  

Also, the location of most of the pads is unresolved yet Extraction sent a letter to demand that the CDP be approved before July 15.  The State has indicated it will hold a hearing on August 1 on the pads that are proposed in close proximity to Adams County residents.  Please see the video of Mayor Ahrens and City Manager Ozaki raising questions about this here.

The Staff has completed a Gap Analysis of the BMPs that are in the Operator Agreement but the COGCC did not attach to the Livingston Pad drilling permits.  You can review this here. 

Again, if you are concerned about any issues, please write City Council and staff by Tuesday, July 10, at council@broomfieldcitycouncil.org and ask them to stay strong.