Open Space Ballot Initiative Re-vote at 8/20/19 Council Meeting

The Charter Amendment to protect open space from mineral extraction will be up for a re-vote at the August 20th Broomfield city council meeting. The vote will determine whether this charter amendment will appear on the November 5th ballot to be voted on by citizens. The item is 11.g on the agenda and comments will be taken from citizens when this item comes up.

While this amendment initially was read and voted down in at the July 23rd council meeting, any council member who voted “no” is allowed to bring that item back up for a re-vote.

Community members who feel strongly that oil and gas development shouldn’t happen on taxpayer-funded open space should plan to speak at the council meeting or write to council at Comments from community members could potentially sway undecided council members, so citizen action and voices are important in this re-vote.

Many citizens cite this use of Broomfield open space on Huron and 160th as evidence that oil and gas development should not be allowed on open space.