Please Join Us for a Very Important June 26 Council Meeting on the Comprehensive Drilling Plan

Please join us for a very important City Council meeting on Tuesday night, June 26 beginning at 6:00 pm at the George Di Ciero City and County Building at One DesCombes Drive.  The City Council will discuss the second half of Extraction’s Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) and decide what steps to take next.

If you are concerned about Extraction’s proposed oil and gas development, we urge you to attend this meeting to encourage the City Council to stay strong.

The CDP is item 11c under Council Business.  We are unable to provide a precise time for item 11c but assume it will be sometime after 7:30 pm.   Please be aware that Council sometimes rearranges agenda items at the beginning of the meeting.

Citizens who wish to speak on the CDP should be prepared to do so when Item 11c is on the agenda.  Prior to the June 26 Council Meeting, residents should email questions or comments to their Council Members after reviewing the agenda documents.

Extraction’s drilling permits for the Livingston Pad were approved by the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission (COGCC) on June 1, but Extraction is not allowed to drill until the CDP is approved by Staff, according to the Operator Agreement.  This is the second review of the CDP by Council.

During the first review at the June 12 Council meeting, questions about Extraction’s risk management plan dominated a tense Council meeting where Extraction walked out.  On June 15, Extraction sent a letter notifying the City that Extraction considered the City to be in breach of contract and also demanded that the City approve the CDP within 30 days.

There is a section titled “Risk Management Plan Follow-Up” on pages 15-17 of the CDP agenda item document which details the requests that the City has made regarding the Risk Registry and how Extraction claims to have fulfilled the City’s requests.

The second half of the CDP includes the following topics, with highlights provided in the agenda document:

Facility baseline surveys for air quality, noise, and traffic

Facility emissions inventories and air quality impact studies for drilling, completions, and operation phases

Air Quality Plan

Noise mitigation plan

Facility noise modeling of equipment

Electrification Plan

Lighting Plan

Water Quality Plan

Wetlands Protection Plan

Traffic management plan

The agenda document lists next steps as “Staff would like to receive Council’s comments and questions regarding the draft Comprehensive Drilling Plan.”  According to the Operator Agreement, the authority to approve or disapprove the CDP resides with the City Manager.

At 5 p.m., Council will meet in Executive Session for “Legal Advice and Direction to Negotiators Regarding Extraction Oil and Gas, Inc.’s Amended and Restated Operator Agreement, Comprehensive Development Plan and Related Documents and the Draft Oil and Gas Regulations, Ordinance No. 2067.”