Please Notify Erie by July 17 If You Are Concerned About Proposed Drilling 1/4 Mile North of Anthem

Crestone Peak Resources (Crestone) is proposing to drill 15 wells on the ACME Pad, which will be located 1/4 mile north of Anthem Ranch and Anthem Highlands, just northwest of the Kum & Go gas station near Highway 7 and Lowell Blvd.

A map of the ACME Pad is available here.     

Although this pad is just as close to Anthem as the Livingston Pad, this pad will be located north of Anthem in Weld County.

The Town of Erie has provided Crestone’s land use application for public review and comment. It is available here. They indicated that any response not received by Tuesday, July 17 may be deemed a positive comment by the Town of Erie.

Please write the Town of Erie TODAY and let them know your concerns. At a minimum, you may want to ask the Town of Erie to require at least the same level of protection that Broomfield requires for its citizens, since this pad will be located so close to residences and schools.

Questions and comments should be directed by Tuesday, July 17, to Erie Town Planner Marty Ostholthoff at, 303-926-2770.

PLEASE NOTE:  Based on additional information that we received after our initial post, please do not contact the Erie’s Board of Trustees on the Crestone land use application, that includes the ACME Pad north of Anthem.  It is appropriate and we encourage you to send comments by Tuesday, July 17, to Erie Town Planner Marty Ostholthoff at