Please Submit Comments for Interchange and Livingston Boundary Wells by Jan. 27 & Feb. 1

Thank you for submitting your concerns over the past six months to the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) regarding 75 wells of the 84 well Broomfield Extraction project.  We need your help again to submit your comments on drilling permits for four wells by Jan. 27 and Feb. 1 and we have provided the links below.

On December 19, Extraction submitted four new Form 2s for boundary wells, two off of the Livingston Pad and two off of the Interchange Pads.  Please see the purple lines representing these four wells on the map below.  These four wells were included in the original count of the total number of wells approved by the COGCC Form 2A “location assessment permits” for these pads and also in the number allowed in the Operator Agreement between Extraction and the City.

The City was notified about these wells at the beginning of January by the COGCC after their posting on the COGCC website.  The City requested a 10 day extension for comments, which will push the comment period to January 27 for the Interchange A & B wells and February 1 for the Livingston wells.


A boundary well on the edge of a previously approved spacing unit requires the operator to follow COGCC exception rules to apply for a new narrow spacing unit just for that well.  The COGCC treats such boundary wells as exceptions in order to prevent an operator from extracting minerals outside their approved spacing unit.  Mineral owners in that new spacing unit receive special notices of the boundary well before drilling permits are submitted to the COGCC.  The spacing unit letters for these 4 wells are linked below.  If you think you own your mineral rights in these spacing units but did not receive notice, please contact the COGCC’s Jane Stanczyk at and Mike Leonard at

As seen in the City’s chart, Extraction has not submitted a permit for one well of the total allocated for the Livingston Pad.  This is also a boundary well that Wildgrass residents in Sections 12 & 13 have been formally objecting to since September.  Despite evidence that residents supplied to both Extraction and the COGCC that they hold title to their mineral rights, Extraction has denied that claim and provided no proof as to who does own the mineral rights.

Extraction began construction of the Interchange A & B Pads on Dec. 10 and is scheduled to begin construction of the Livingston Pad at the end of January, according to the December schedule provided by Extraction to the City.  Please see the schedule and map of these well pads.

Suggestions for Comments

Form 2s deal primarily with downhole operations (inside the well) and geologic considerations, including safety concerns.  Feel free to repeat whatever safety concerns you previously submitted on the Livingston and Interchange 2 and 2A Forms when you comment on these new drilling permits.

301 Broomfield Health and Safety First sent a Jan. 7 letter to City Council and Staff requesting updates on several aspects of oil and gas development in Broomfield. Several neighborhood groups and individuals contributed to the requests.  You can review this letter here for possible statements to include in your COGCC permit comments.

How to Submit Comments

Comments must be submitted before Jan. 27 for the 2 Interchange wells and Feb. 1 for the 2 Livingston wells.

To make comments on the Interchange boundary wells, you can follow these links  

401504441 Interchange A S16-20-20N

Spacing Unit in Sections 9, 10, 15, 16: Letter showing spacing unit

Goes out northwest from pad and then South to about 144 and Huron; Niobrara formation

401504488 Interchange B S22-30-20N

Spacing Unit in Sections 2, 3, 10, 11, 14, 15, 22, 23; Letter showing spacing unit

Goes out northeast from pad, east under I-25 and then south; Niobrara formation

To make comments on the Livingston boundary wells, you can follow these links

401475489 Livingston S19-25-15N

Spacing Unit in Sections 7, 8, 17, 18, 19, 20; Letter showing spacing unit

Goes out northeast from pad, then south; Niobrara formation

401475500 Livingston S20-25-2C

Spacing Unit in Sections 7, 8, 17, 18, 19, 20; Letter showing spacing unit

Goes out northeast from pad, then south; Codell formation

Here is a further description of the process once you follow the above links:

Review the document and attachments.

Click the “Make Comment” button.

Check the “I’m not a robot” button.

Fill out the requested fields (it is recommended that you write your comments into a word processing application beforehand and paste it into the comment field).

Click Submit Comment.

You should receive a confirmation message:  “Your comment has been successfully submitted.”

The COGCC screens public comments for inappropriate language, so there is a delay in posting public comments.

Call the COGCC at 303-894-2100 8-5 M-F for further assistance.

The COGCC has acknowledged that comments may irregularly end up being posted in one of 2 places:

  1. Your comments might be at the end of the pad’s Form 2 PDF.    OR
  2. Your comments might be on the pad’s Form 2 “Public Comment” page itself under “Existing Public Comments.”

If you do not see your comments posted, check your SPAM folder for a returned to sender email notifying you that your message was rejected. There is a list of intended recipients on this email. Please email these individuals directly for resolution.

Also, the State will send an auto-reply message for the Yahoo email accounts that is the result of a state-wide protocol.  Regardless of the message, the COGCC says it is receiving comments from Yahoo accounts.