Please Submit Safety Concerns to State COGCC on Drilling Permits By April 1

Broomfield, thank you for coming through in submitting your concerns to the State (COGCC) for the Livingston and Interchange Pads, and for the first batch of 18 drilling permits (officially known as applications for permit to drill or APDs).  Each of the 84 wells that Extraction plans to drill in Broomfield will require a drilling permit.  There is now a second set of drilling permits available for comment, and we are asking you to submit your safety concerns again before April 1!  The new additions include 9 Interchange B Form 2 drilling permits, 13 Interchange A Form 2 drilling permits, and 8 Northwest A Form 2 drilling permits. Please see the map of these well pads here.

Please note:  Each location/pad site requires a Form 2A “location assessment permit” and each well requires a Form 2 “drilling permit.”  The timing of the Form 2 submissions remains a mystery to many.

Form 2s deal primarily with the downhole operations (inside the well) and geologic considerations, including safety concerns.  Feel free to repeat whatever safety concerns you previously submitted on the Livingston and Interchange 2 and 2A Forms when you comment on the new batch of drilling permits.  You might want to include a safety concern about Extraction’s well drilling that caused a spill from an improperly plugged well in Berthoud on October 29.  Please see the details here.

You can follow this link to submit comments on all the Form 2s

If you want to go straight to one Interchange B Form 2 document, you can follow this link

If you want to go straight to one Interchange A Form 2 document, you can follow this link

If you want to go straight to one Northwest A Form 2 document, you can follow this link

Here is a further description of the process once you follow the above links:

Review the document and attachments.

Click the “Make Comment” button.

Check the “I’m not a robot” button.

Fill out the requested fields (it is recommended that you write your comments into a word processing application beforehand and paste it into the comment field).

Click Submit Comment.

You should receive a confirmation message:  “Your comment has been successfully submitted.”

The COGCC screens public comments for inappropriate language, so there is a delay in posting public comments.

Call the COGCC at 303-894-2100 8-5 M-F for further assistance.

The COGCC has acknowledged that comments may irregularly end up being posted in one of 2 places:

  1. Your comments might be at the end of the pad’s Form 2 PDF.    OR
  2. Your comments might be on the pad’s Form 2 “Public Comment” page itself under “Existing Public Comments.”

If you do not see your comments posted, check your SPAM folder for a returned to sender email notifying you that your message was rejected. There is a list of intended recipients on this email. Please email these individuals directly for resolution.

Also, the State will send an auto-reply message for the Yahoo email accounts that is the result of a state-wide protocol.  Regardless of the message, the COGCC says it is receiving comments from Yahoo accounts.