Please Write: No Explosion Root Cause Means No Drilling Permits or CDP Approval

Are you concerned that the root cause of the Dec. 22 Extraction Stromberger well explosion is not known, yet the COGCC is not going to require further reporting by Extraction and is continuing to review Extraction’s drilling permits?  If so, take two actions…

1) Write the City and ask them to insist on information on the root cause of the Extraction Stromberger well explosion so the issue can be avoided in the future on the Extraction Broomfield pads.  Also, ask the City not to approve Extraction’s Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP) until the Extraction Stromberger well explosion root cause is addressed to protect our health and safety, per Ballot Measure 301 requirements.  You can find the City email addresses here.

2)  Comment on the Extraction well permit applications on the COGCC website.  There are many permits to comment on, but it is important to comment on as many as possible.  You can comment on the Extraction drilling permits by following the instructions here.


The State COGCC has told the City that the COGCC will not require any additional reporting from Extraction Oil and Gas regarding their Dec. 22 Stromberger Well Pad explosion.  This is despite the fact that there was no determination of a cause in Extraction’s Feb. 23 report to the COGCC.  The City and citizens have been very vocal in stating that the cause must be determined in order to make any necessary corrections to Extraction’s Comprehensive Drilling Plan for its 84 wells in Broomfield.

You can read the Feb. 23 Extraction Stromberger Well explosion report at

You can also read further background here.