Protect Health and Safety by Submitting Comments to the City on Extraction’s Revised Comprehensive Drilling Plan by May 4

If you are concerned about health and safety issues surrounding the 84 well Extraction development in Broomfield, the City needs to hear from you by May 4.  On April 17, the City received the third version of Extraction’s Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP), a document requiring approval of the City Staff according to Extraction’s October 24 Operator Agreement with the City.  The City’s April 24 Oil and Gas Update stated that the Staff is in the process of reviewing the document in order to respond to Extraction.  Director of Strategic Initiatives Tami Yellico has encouraged residents to email their comments to her by Friday, May 4 at

According to Extraction’s April 17 letter to the City, they have “in good faith addressed the City’s comments and questions” to this point and they consider the April 17 document the “complete final version of the CDP.”  They stated in the letter that they “expect an approval within 10 days” from City Manager Ozaki.  That has not occurred yet at this time and the City is seeking your comments.

Here are 3 suggestions on reviewing the April 17 CDP and emailing your comments by Friday, May 4 to

1)  Thank you to the many residents who have already spent hours reviewing the two previous versions of the CDP.  If you have already submitted comments, please go back and check if they have been incorporated into the April 17 CDP.  If they have not been included, write the City and ask why not.

Note:  In addition to checking the section of concern to you, please also check “Extraction’s Response to Citizen Comments” starting on page 1198 of the revised CDP to see if your concerns were appropriately addressed there.

2)  Choose a few of the points in the 301 Broomfield Health and Safety First comments on the first draft found here.  Check to see if they have been incorporated into the latest CDP and write the City to ask about any deficiencies.

3) Are you most concerned about Emergency Response Preparedness or Risk Management?  The City’s original comments surrounding these issues can be found in their March 23 comments here.  Check for these in the April 17 CDP.  Then write the City if you still have concerns.

Here is a brief historical timeline (with links highlighted):

Oct. 24 Operator Agreement signed between Extraction and City

– Dec. 15 Extraction 1st CDP to City for Livingston and Interchange B Pads

– Jan. 16 Extraction files drilling permits with COGCC

– Jan. 22 City submits comments on first CDP to Extraction.  This 142 page document included extensive Broomfield 301 Broomfield Health and Safety First comments (pp. 27-61) and emailed comments from residents.

– Jan. 26 Extraction 2nd CDP to City for the Northwest, United, and Interchange A Pads

– Feb. 14 Extraction submits comments to City

– March 7 City comments submitted to Extraction

– March 23 City comments submitted to Extraction

– April 17 Extraction 3rd CDP to City