Sign the Petition to the City of Broomfield: Deny the CDP

Join us in making a statement to the City of Broomfield!


We invite you to read and sign the petition to the City of Broomfield to deny Extraction’s Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP).  Please sign by Friday, August 17 at 11 am, and we will first deliver the petition to the City at noon on August 17.

The short deadline is necessary to impact decisions which could be made at any time.  However, please continue to sign the petition through the weekend as there will be a second delivery of signatures to the City on Monday, August 20.

You may want to read our blog for further background on the issue here.

You might also want to write your own letter to the City by writing to City Manager Ozaki at

Please read and sign the petition that includes seven reasons the CDP should be denied, along with the opening statement, “We are strongly advocating City denial of the CDP presented by Extraction because it does not comply with the Operator Agreement.”

The petition link is here: