GREAT NEWS! Broomfield will have a Local Meeting on the Extraction Spacing Unit Applications

GREAT NEWS! Broomfield will have a Local Meeting on the Extraction Spacing Unit Applications!

Thank you for signing our BCCN petition that we submitted to the COGCC and thanks to City Special Counsel Tami Yellico for going to the COGCC Hearing in Durango today to support the request of the City.

“The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) agreed at its meeting today to provide the citizens of Broomfield a meeting to provide comments on the proposed Extraction Oil and Gas spacing applications in Broomfield. The meeting will be conducted by at least one member of the COGCC. The date and time of this public meeting in Broomfield will be announced as soon as details are arranged with the COGCC.

The issues that could be discussed at this meeting include:
Impact to infrastructure
Impact to environment
Impact to wildlife resources
Impact to groundwater resources
Potential reclamation impact and
Other impacts to public health, safety, and welfare”

9/11 Update 2 PM

When they came back from Executive Session, they stated that there were no decisions made or votes taken. We think that generally means that they postponed the decision, but we will seek expert interpretation.

9/11 Update Noon:

COGCC Hearing Live- Broomfield Local Public Forum Request

Comments about 10:30 am
City Special Counsel Tami Yellico made brief, timed comments before the State COGCC in Durango to support the request of the City to hold a Local Public Hearing. The COGCC Commissioners will hold an Executive Session during 12:20 pm lunch to discuss the matter and are likely to return a decision after that. Ms. Yellico said she would remain at the hearing to hear their decision.

According to the agenda, the COGCC should return from lunch at 1:20 pm and may announce a decision then. COGCC Hearing Live-

Our similar BCCN petition request with 870 signatures was sent to the COGCC but was not mentioned at the hearing. Ms. Yellico did mention that there was a “large public outcry” in Broomfield, as evidenced by the attendance at the February public forum with the COGCC, the volumes of emails that the City receives and the large attendance at City Council meetings. She said that the COGCC Commission needs to take the opportunity to hear the citizens’ concerns about “public, health, safety and welfare.” Addressing the technical issues, she testified that COGCC Rule 508 should apply to the multiwell pads in Broomfield.

Since the COGCC gave Broomfield such late notice last week that it would hear this issue today, we appreciate that Ms. Yellico drove to Durango to present the City’s (and our petition’s) argument.

9/10 Update:  Our City is sending a representative to Durango to attend the COGCC state meeting to represent our request for a Local Public Forum regarding the spacing applications filed for oil and gas development in Broomfield. This is happening TOMORROW. We currently have 847 signatures on this petition. We need more. Please, reach out to your neighbors. Encourage more people to sign! At least 153 more signatures needed today for a total of 1000. We will be sending this petition to our city representative tomorrow morning so this petition can be used to support this hearing request.  Sign the petition here.

9/8 Update: Petition for Local Public Forum Likely to be Denied by State, According to Sept 7 Letter to City

According to an update on the City’s website:

“Matt Lepore of the COGCC has notified Broomfield that they are inclined to deny Broomfield’s request for a Local Public Forum under Rule 508 regarding spacing applications that were filed by Extraction Oil and Gas. The COGCC intends to present their preliminary conclusion at the COGCC hearing which is scheduled for Monday, September 11th at 9 a.m. to be held at the Durango Public Library. Broomfield staff will attend to present to the Commission during the public comment period and will remain to answer questions from the Commission.”

There is a link to Director Lepore’s Sept 7 letter on the City’s webpage.

We’ll update this as more information becomes available.  IN THE MEANTIME, PLEASE CONTINUE TO SIGN THE PETITION.  821 Broomfield residents have signed the Broomfield Concerned petition for the Local Public Forum.  On August 30, we sent a first report on the petition to Director Lepore with 688 signatures and told him that we were continuing to collect signatures. We have not received a response from him.

We hope that the City will have our health, safety and welfare in mind when they speak in Durango on Monday in relation to this Local Public Forum request. In Mayor Ahrens’ May 11 letter to Gov. Hickenlooper, he repeatedly reminded the State that “public health, safety, welfare and the environment should be paramount.”


Update: We received 688 signatures within 48 hours after posting the petition to the COGCC to hold a local public forum!  On August 30, we sent a first report on the petition to COGCC Director Matt Lepore with 688 signatures and told him that we are continuing to collect signatures. We have not received a response from the COGCC.

We would love to send another report to the COGCC on Tuesday, September 12 with 1200 signatures!  If you haven’t signed yet, please do so and ask your friends to sign also!  Follow this link to sign the petition.


A handful of Broomfield residents found a Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) rule that allows for a Local Public Forum to be held prior to a spacing unit application hearing.  We’d like to thank these residents for bringing this rule to the attention of the City and express our appreciation to the City for their quick reaction to the residents’ request.

In an 8/24 memo from the City to the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission (COGCC), Local Government Designee Tami Yellico requested that the COGCC hold a public forum in Broomfield before the Extraction spacing unit applications are heard before the COGCC.  Attorney Yellico cites COGCC Rule 508 as the basis of her request and states that the Local Public Forum is needed “so that Broomfield and its citizens have the opportunity to speak to the waste, harm public health, safety and welfare issues raised by this number of wells and these number of multi-well pads.”


Follow this link to sign the petition.

The text follows:

Approve Broomfield Residents Request Local Public Forum

To: Matt Lepore, Director COGCC

We ask you to sign this petition to make the request described below. Please also enter your City and Ward in the Comments Section.

The undersigned Broomfield residents request a Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Committee (“COGCC”) Local Public Forum pursuant to Rule 508, in order that all interested residents may attend and express public health, safety, and welfare concerns regarding all pending spacing unit applications that affect Broomfield City and County. This includes at least Docket Nos. 170900469-471, 522, 534, 582, 586, 596, 170900598, 170900601-603 and 605 (the “Applications”).

This request is fully supported by Rule 508b.2.B at least because the Applications seek a high numbers of wells in a densely populated area.  Further, the current or past public interest in increased well density in Broomfield has been extremely high, as the COGCC is aware.
We look forward to hearing the scheduled time and location of the Local Public Forum. Thank you.