WOGc Requests Your Support on Tuesday, March 12 as Broomfield Issues Dominate at the COGCC

Broomfield oil and gas issues will be the focus of the ENTIRE day at the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) on Tuesday, March 12, including the unprecedented forced pooling protest hearing by the Wildgrass Oil and Gas Committee (WOGc).  The COGCC even moved the hearings to a larger venue in anticipation of a big crowd.  Can you attend at least part of the day on March 12 to show the COGCC how concerned Broomfield residents are about oil and gas development in our residential neighborhoods?

Here are the details for attending the COGCC hearings:

Where:  Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center,  Department of Law,  First Floor,  1300 Broadway,  Denver, CO 80203 (2 blocks from COGCC offices)

Please note that you must go through security at the Judicial Center. So you will need to allow yourself a few extra minutes to clear security.


Monday, March 11 4 p.m. – adjournment

Docket Number 180400299

This is Broomfield’s request that began almost a year ago for a Designated Outdoor Activity Area (DOAA) for Broomfield County Commons to protect it from surface use for drilling.  Please read further details here.

Tuesday, March 12  9:05 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Docket Item 181000799 

This is an unprecedented COGCC forced pooling protest hearing by the Wildgrass Oil and Gas Committee (WOGc) as mineral owners in the Lowell South spacing unit (Extraction Livingston Pad).  WOGc was granted expanded discovery for its COGCC protest hearing to consider health, safety, welfare and economic issues.  Judge R. Brooke Jackson’s orders in U.S. District Court were made during the Feb. 12 hearing for WOGc’s motion for a temporary restraining order in the case of WOGc v. COGCC where WOGc claims that forced pooling is unconstitutional.  If WOGc feels that its concerns are not satisfactorily addressed at the March 12 COGCC hearing, Judge Jackson set an open return date for March 26 in his courtroom.

You may be allowed to speak for three minutes at the beginning of this hearing if you missed the signup opportunity, based on the discretion of the chair.  Citizens might want to point to this Extraction enforcement fine item also on the Monday agenda: Docket No. 190100088, Extraction Oil and Gas Inc. “Staff requests approval of an AOC with Extraction assessing a $803,800 penalty for violations of Colorado Revised Statute § 34-60-121(1)(a) (Violation of Permit Conditions of Approval) at multiple locations in Weld and Larimer Counties.”

Tuesday, March 12  1:00 p.m. – adjournment

Docket Item 190300337

Extraction Livingston Pad COGCC permits will be reviewed by the COGCC to see “whether the Form 2s and the Form 2A filed by Extraction for development in the lands covered by Order Nos. 407-2256 and 407-2274 comport with the October 24, 2017 Amended and Restated Oil and Gas Operator Agreement between Extraction and the City and County of Broomfield.”  This is also the result of Judge Jackson’s orders in the WOGc case. 

Extraction’s permits are under scrutiny by the COGCC to see if they comport with the Operator Agreement with the City but the City is not listed as an interested party.  At the February 26 Council Meeting, Council voted to go into executive session for “Request for Executive Session for Legal Advice Regarding Matters set for the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s March 11-12, 2019 Hearing.” 

WOGc is listed as an interested party and is likely to present evidence that Extraction’s permits do not comport with the Operator Agreement.