Write Erie to Object to Crestone Acme Pad with 30 Wells

Broomfield and other citizens who have concerns about Erie’s proposed operator agreement with Crestone, including increasing the number of wells on the Acme Pad to 30 wells and not requiring all appropriate best management practices, are encouraged to send comments to erieoilandgas@erieco.gov before Tuesday’s meeting of the Erie Board of Trustees.

Anthem Ranch and Anthem Highlands residents, along with Erie residents, will be greatly impacted if Crestone’s plans to put 30 wells on the Acme Pad at the corner of Highway 7 and Bonanza Drive go forward.  You can read the details of the plans in the new Amended and Restated Operator Agreement between Erie and Crestone here.  It was just released by Erie this week.

Erie is also holding a Town Hall on Saturday, October 27 from 2 pm – 4 pm but that is only open to pre-registered Erie residents.  Erie residents can pre-register here before 10 am on Saturday.

You may also want to plan to attend the Erie Board of Trustees Meeting on Tuesday, October 30 at the Town Hall Board Room, 645 Holbrook Street.  Please look for further details here and in later updates on Broomfield Concerned.

In a 10/15 letter to Broomfield City Council, Broomfield citizen groups requested that the City become a “party of interest” as Erie renegotiates agreements with Crestone Peak Resources.   The impacts on both Anthem and Erie residents living near the Acme Pad would be “traffic, air emissions (including pollutants), noise, odor, and safety aspects for this proposed oil and gas development,” according to the letter.

Local groups signing the letter included the following:

  • 301 Health and Safety First
  • AROGEG – Anthem Ranch Oil and Gas Education Group
  • BCAW – Broomfield Clean Air and Water
  • BCCN – Broomfield Concerned a Coalition of Neighborhoods
  • Broomfield Moms Active Community
  • LOGIC – League of Oil and Gas Impacted Coloradans
  • One Broomfield Indivisible
  • WOGc – Wildgrass Oil and Gas Committee

On July 17, the City of Broomfield sent a letter to Erie requesting that Erie and Crestone agree that the Acme Pad sited just north of Broomfield “comply with all the requirements of Broomfield’s oil and gas regulations as approved on July 10, 2018.”  Broomfield’s letter was in response to a referral for the Crestone Acme Pad application sent by Erie on June 27.

The Acme Pad has not been permitted yet by Erie or the COGCC.  Regarding any COGCC permitting, the citizen groups are asking that Broomfield file for “permissive interventor” status, similar to what Adams County did in the COGCC permitting of the Extraction Northwest and Interchange Pads in Broomfield.

Broomfield Concerned is concerned about the impact of these operations on all area residents, not just those within Broomfield, and has developed relationships with many area grassroots neighborhood organizations.