Write the City with Your CDP Concerns Before Tuesday’s Executive Session In Response to their Draft Letter to Extraction

Please consider taking time from your busy weekend or Monday to voice your specific concerns about Extraction’s Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP) to City Council and Staff.   On Friday afternoon after announcing a special August 7 Executive Session earlier in the day, the City posted a “draft” undated letter written to Extraction which explains the City’s required conditions for final approval of the CDP.  You can review the draft letter here.

This draft letter follows a week of twists and turns following the posting of a July 31 letter which stated that City Manager Ozaki would be approving the CDP on August 2 after final review.  Broomfield residents began emailing the City in protest, writing of the CDP deficiencies and lack of a public hearing on the final version of the CDP.

On August 1, Adam County’s protest of the drilling permits for the Interchange and Northwest pads was defeated at the COGCC and the Commissioners voted to allow the Director to go forward with a decision on those permits.  The status of the permits are not yet updated on the COGCC website at the end of the business day on August 3.

On Thursday morning, August 2, several community groups from Broomfield and Adams County requested in a letter to the City that the CDP not be approved by the City Manager on August 2, as planned according to the City’s July 31 Status Update.  The joint community group letter stated that “the CDP remains in breach of contract and the City should escalate this breach and move forward in a way that is protective of public health, safety, and welfare, and the environment.”  The letter lists “just a few highlights of the remaining issues with this document [CDP]” including many problems with the risk analysis.  Please read the entire letter here.

On Aug 3 at noon, the City announced in a special meeting notice that, “Mayor Ahrens has called a Special Meeting of the City Council to be held on August 7, 2018, at 4 p.m. The purpose of the meeting is to consider holding an executive session to receive legal advice and to provide direction to negotiators regarding Extraction’s comprehensive drilling plan and potential litigation related to the October 24, 2017, Operator Agreement.”

The Status Update announcing City Manager Ozaki’s undated draft letter states that the letter explains “the conditions required for approval” and that “the approval letter will be modified if conditions are satisfied prior to approval.”  In the letter, it states that, “I am hereby administratively approving Extraction’s July 27, 2018 Comprehensive Drilling Plan, subject to the following conditions:”  Please read the conditions here and write Council with any concerns.

It does not seem certain that there will be a public forum after the Executive Session. Please mention concerns that you have about holding a public forum before final approval of the CDP in your email.