You Are Needed at a Very Important City Council Meeting on Tues, August 14!

You Are Needed at a Very Important City Council Meeting on Tues, August 14!

When:  5 p.m. – 6  p.m. to express your concerns about the Comprehensive Drilling Plan

And also, if possible,

Later in the evening for Item 11f for 3 Amendments to the O & G Regulations

Where: George DiCiero City and County Building, Council Chambers, 1 DesCombes Drive

You can also email your comments to Council before the August 14 Council Meeting at and copy


In gratitude to all who showed up on the sidewalk on August 7 to ask for a forum for public comments on the CDP, now we all need to show up in Council Chambers to have our voices heard and presence felt!

At 5 p.m. on August 14, there will be a special meeting of Council to hear these public comments on the CDP during the Manager’s Report (after a few other agenda items).  You should anticipate signing up to speak before the start of the meeting.  Also, since the City anticipates a large number of speakers, they reserve the right “to limit the total amount of time to hear comments to one hour, which may result in speakers having less than the customary 3:00 minutes to present their comments.”

The City requests that the public “provide comments concerning the changes made in the July 27, 2018 draft of the CDP.”  You can find the July 27 CDP here, and Extraction’s responses in green to the City’s July 6 statement of outstanding issues can be found here.  Residents may also want to review City and County Manager Ozaki’s draft statement of conditions for administrative approval of the July 27 CDP and compare it to the July 27 statement of Extraction responses to the City’s list of outstanding issues.

According to the City, “City Council will not be voting on whether or not to approve the Comprehensive Drilling Plan. The decision whether or not to approve the Comprehensive Drilling Plan has been legally delegated to the City and County Manager through the Operator Agreement with Extraction Oil and Gas.”


The 5 p.m. special meeting agenda states that “Any items not covered during the special meeting will be moved to the regular meeting at 6 p.m.”  Please plan on staying through public comments at the beginning of the regular 6 p.m. meeting also.


On July 10, City Council adopted Oil and Gas Regulations based on recommendations of the Legal Sub-Committee of the Oil and Gas Comprehensive Plan Committee and the 301 Committee.  On July 17, a study session was held to consider three amendments to these regulations.

Item 11f on Tuesday’s 6 p.m. agenda is the first reading of these three amendments.  They are:

Ordinance No. 2075 Amending the Oil and Gas Regulations to Add a Hearing Process for Complaints – First Reading

Ordinance No. 2076 Amending the Broomfield Subdivision Regulations to Increase Setbacks from Oil and Gas Well Sites – First Reading

Resolution No. 2018-157 Concerning Direction to Staff Upon Receipt of Oil and Gas Permit Applications Filed with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

If the amendments receive approval on first reading, a second reading would be scheduled for the Sept. 11 Council Meeting, with a public hearing.