Broomfield’s March 7 Letter to Extraction on the Comprehensive Drilling Plan

In a 3/7/18 letter to Extraction Oil and Gas titled “Broomfield’s Response to Extraction’s January 22, 2018, letter regarding the Comprehensive Drilling Plan,” the City states that it can’t approve the Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP) until Extraction addresses 40 pages of comments from the following divisions:  Planning, Engineering, Open Space and Trails, Traffic, Health, and Emergency.

Included in Exhibit A is the current version of Extraction’s Tactical Response Plan, which the City states that Extraction “continues to work on.”  Also, the Health Department comments that Extraction states it is still “evaluating what hazardous chemicals will be used on-site” but the Health Department asks for sufficient lead time to evaluate these chemicals.

Please read the entire document here.