City Provides Update on Escalating VOC Plumes; Scientists Confirm the Livingston Pad is the Source

Broomfield Concerned has been reporting on increasing levels of VOC’s that are being picked up by the air monitoring systems in the vicinity of the Livingston Site. The air quality stations have been monitoring two types of VOC plumes that are occurring, both of which are emitting levels of benzene.

Recently, the plumes identified as BA plumes have been increasing in frequency. According to scientists, these plumes “may come from some sort of combustion or other unconventional direct emission source.” The source of these plumes have been under investigation. The Scientists have now conclusively linked the source of these plumes to the Livingston Pad despite the plumes not having a typical oil & gas signature. Scientists are now looking at whether these plumes are events happening at the site or if they are some sort of constant emission source.

According to the Oil and Gas Update posted to the City Website on October 7th, the Air Quality Monitoring Team is “investigating further with the COGCC and CDPHE as to potential causes of this phenomena.”

To read the full report air quality report including the update on the source location, click HERE