Contact Your State Senator and Representative: Tell Them to Put Health and Safety First in Legislation

After many were disappointed in the Jan. 14 Colorado Supreme Court ruling on Martinez v. COGCC, what is the next step that citizens can take?  Here is a call to action from the League of Oil and Gas Impacted Coloradans (LOGIC).


“We need a strong stance that health, safety, and our environment deserves the driver’s seat, not a spot on the hitch, along for the ride. So, we are all hands on deck today as the hope of impacted Coloradans now lies in our legislators’ hands.” 

“👉🏽Contact your State Senators and Representatives today, and tell them to put health and safety first. 
Here are a few talking points you can send:
– We need to amend the Colorado Oil and Gas Act to put the health and safety of impacted Coloradans first
– Affirm local authority to protect this public health and safety
– Extraction of oil and gas should not be at the expense of our public health and safety”

Contact them here:


Note:  LOGIC is the umbrella group of Broomfield Concerned.